- Den Haag Permaculture Centrum
   - Taco Blom
   - The Netherlands, 2016

  - Food Forestry Netherlands
  - Wouter van Eck & Xavier San Giorgi
  - The Netherlands, 2015

   - Patrick Whitefield
   - The United Kingdom, 2013

​   - Sepp Holzer
   - Tamera Eco Village, Portugal, 2012

N. Tayfun Yalcin

Founder of Towards Nature Permaculture Landscaping company, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, Permaculture Consultant.


Permaculture is not a way of gardening. It means Permanent Culture. It is about understanding the functionality of Humanity. Our planet is already perfect. Our function as Humanity is not about governing the planet but serving it. Our intelligence is to be used for creating our space within our planet’s natural systems. We are here to be. We are not here to do. We are here to see and understand that we are part of nature. We are part of this planet. This is Permaculture.

My job is to design and create the infrastructure of this culture. Permaculture means Global Sustainability, human alignment with mother Earth, freedom, creativity, productivity and community. It is a new way of thinking. It is a new way of living on our planet.


My passion is to design and create Sustainable, Regenerative, Productive and Naturally balanced places. I have registered the Towards Nature Permaculture Landscaping company in 2014. Since then, I design and create landscapes so that a New and Aligned Culture can find its place on our mother Earth.


For doing that, I allow and listen to my inner creation power in order to design those places. We implement those places. After each example is created, more and more people start seeing how it should be. How can we align ourselves to our planet, how can we cooperate with our planet, how can we live productively without destroying our environments, without depleting our natural resources?


I'm one of those, that already took his place in the New World, creating the New World. The New World is based on Love, Respect, Cooperation, Abundance and Trust.


Come and Join the New World, with your own talent. Bring yourself with the choices you make. When you decide to be in the New World, all possibilities start happening around you.


Come and taste the togetherness, open your heart, shake your fears off. Come and Join the New World.


Permaculture is the next level of Human Consciousness!

Aurel C. Pelleg

I consider it my fortune to have spent the first 22 years of my life in the countryside. Being surrounded by nature feels like home. Through the years I have been professionally active in a variety of fields.

In the Arts, from decor builder to performer.


In agriculture, from experimenting with growing melons and tropical fruits in the desert to the breeding of turkeys.


In building, from renovating old farms to building brand new wooden chalets. In complementary medicine, from chair masseur to emotional freedom techniques practitioner.


In martial arts, from training in Judo and Krav Maga to the teaching of Aikido.


I am grateful to have been instructed by talented generous people who where passionate about sharing their experience and skills. This knowledge and these experiences offered me the opportunity to develop a distinguished pallet of understandings and craftsmanship.


In 2010 I registered my company “ALL IS E Bouw” specialising in building and renovation using ecological materials. 

In 2014 discovering permaculture, started to collaborate with “Towards Nature”, and finally in 2015 completing my permaculture designer education, I feel the integrity of my abilities are being fully expressed.

We strive to the creation of physical places offering an alternative experience to humanity's relationship to nature.
I hope, being the father of four, that future generations in cities as well as in the countryside will have the fortune of feeling surrounded by nature.


EFT advanced practitioner
  - Karl Dawson
  - United Kingdom, 2008

TouchPro Europe practitioner
  - Rob’n Chappel
  - The Netherlands, 2010


Permaculture Design Course
  - Alex Kruger & Dor Havkin
  - Spain, 2015


Assistant Teacher 
  - Aikido Nederland
  - The Netherlands, 2016