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Our Vision

Sustainability is about Sustaining People and the Environment immediately around these people, so it starts from our homes and our Life Style. We do not need to be all farmers or gardeners to achieve sustainability, but we all need to live with respect and alignment according to our planet. How we design our homes and its surroundings is the key to creating sustainability. In Permaculture, this is called Zone zero, where we Live, our Home.



The new housing design, which is connected to and comes from Nature.


A home with Functional Sustainability:

 - Rainwater Harvesting & Recycling,

 - Grey & Black water Filtering & Recycling   - Energy(Electricity) creation

The housing structure is made of Wood & Hemp Lime. Enriched with sustainable energy, filtering, recycling technologies.

The House is connected & within a Permaculture Landscaping design.

Building Design.2.PNG
Schermafbeelding 2020-11-01 om 11.52_edi
Unit Design.1.jpg

Productivity encouraged housing and surroundings


The landscape around the house is designed based on Permaculture concept, in a productive way.


Productivity comes from the design itself. As it is designed based on Permaculture concept, it connects People to the Environment around them immediately. The landscape gives the direction of a lifestyle. This lifestyle is practised by the pioneers and community members.


Producing your own food with Hugelbeds, producing your eggs with chicken coops, filtering & recycling your grey & black water in your own garden, having bee hives & producing your own honey, growing soft fruit & fruit & nuts, providing shelter, food & water for the local wildlife. The diversity & productivity can be achieved within a small amount of time per household. All of these key points come based on the design. Permaculture design is the key!


We need to provide the basic Sustainability Tool Kit for every Home. Our vision is to create a productive lifestyle in a Community Building way.


This surrounding areas(Productive Landscaping) around our homes are called in Permaculture Zone 1 and 2.


A sustainable future requires connected, productive, self-sustainable communities. We need to build our living environments differently. Instead of compartmentalized, competitive and a profit oriented lifestyle, we have to create a Community encouraged, connected, collaborative and benefit oriented lifestyle.


Urban environments should be designed towards creating Sustainability, which has 3 legs; Ecological, Economic and Social. These 3 goals can be achieved with the concept of Permaculture.

Each household is designed in trapezoid form and this allows to create a circle. This circle creates unity & community encouraged form. The design allows to create 6 - 8 - 10 or 12 Housing possibility. This is for creating a niche community.

Each Household private zone ends with a Food Forest. This area is shared area for the Community members. Together cared, together harvested & used.

 In Permaculture, this is called Zones 0 – 1 – 2 – 3.

Module.10.colour.code.2 no title.png

Permaculture Village Module Design



Permaculture as concept is open and inclusive. It also embraces the innovative, self-sustainability encouraging technologies. Connecting the Modules to each other, endlessly, borderless, we can expand sustainability. We can create this kind of Sustainable Villages around the cities and connect them to inner city communities.


This web of productive connections and expanding sustainable communities will change the landscape towards diverse, forestry environments. Natural balance will be restored. Our diet will be re-directed towards more healthy, diverse food. Our health and immune system will be improved. Our Economy will be more localized. Small-Medium businesses will grow. Our personal talents will become our jobs.


The central area is open public place, reachable by public transport. This area includes, shops, organic food restaurants, cafeterias, theatre, workshop areas, community product producing areas and many more. The residents will work, participate & receive income from this area. Along with their own sustainable lifestyle & their own garden products, they will be financially sustainable as village, as a Community Managed Company. (Financial Sustainability, Local Businesses, Local fresh & organic food.)


This life style is called Permaculture.

“Permaculture is the next level of Human Consciousness”

Module.12 Units.png

Our Offer

  1. Consultancy for creating your Sustainable Village

  2. Specific Design for Your Sustainable Community & Land

  3. A to Z Consultancy, Design & Implementation Works

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