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School Garden Transformations

Our Children are Our Future

Existing Education:
2 Dimensional

Children in Playground

Our offer:
5 Dimensional

Looking at Crops

If your plan is for 1 year,
Plant rice...
If your plan is for 10 years,
Plant Trees...
If your plan is for 100 years,
Educate Children!

School Garden Design and Implementations

We believe that the best investment in our future is to teach our children the importance of Life.
The life of plants, animals, people, the environment. These are all fulfilled in the PERMACULTURE concept.
When our children plant a seed, grow that plant and harvest the fruit, they can understand through the process how to care about all living things.

  • We use Permaculture Ethics, Principles and Techniques to create naturally friendly, edible and productive environments.

  • We create soil with depth, fertility and moisture in a sustainable way

  • We create playful, adventurous and sustainable school gardens.

Towards Nature Design & Landscaping company has been nominated for the OBS Laterna Magica School project, ​by the European Commission in their research within 100 European cities. This school has been listed in Urban Atlas under Nature Based Solutions.


Some of our projects

School Projects

Our Offer

  • School Garden Design & Implementations
  • Vegetable & Educative Garden Design & Implementations
  • Balcony & Terraces, Educative Gardens, Design & Implementations


Base Design

Quotation & Review & Decision Making

Video Call with Sign Language_edited.jpg

Final Design

Rake and Wheelbarrow

Introduction Meeting:
Ideas, Visions, Information Exchange

In a Meeting

Base Design Review  

In a Meeting
Calculate Savings

Design Implementation

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