Our Vision

We are a permaculture Design, Consultancy and Landscaping company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Our passion is creating naturally balanced environments and sustainable lifestyle, with using Permaculture understanding and techniques. 

We believe that Humanity should find their correct place within our planet’s natural systems, without disturbing those systems and depleting natural resources. More importantly, Humanity should play a crucial role on restoring the damage created within the last hundred years. This is possible with combining regenerative land design, sustainable community building and using innovative technologies for creating a different pathway for humanity to follow on Earth. 

Energy should be created from natural resources through innovative technologies and from renewable energy resources. 

Building Sector criteria should be redirected from a compartmentalised and profit oriented approach to a sustainable, affordable and intentional community building direction.

Agriculture and Sustainable Communities: Agriculture should be based on creating healthy food instead of profitable food. This requires regulations and law changes towards promoting diverse and regenerative agriculture. Monoculture farming with machinery and chemical usage is not the way and it should have never been. Instead, with the necessary law changes, regenerative agriculture, combined with Sustainable Community building activities, we should move towards designing Intentional-Farming-Communities. The aim should be surrounding the cities with those productive communities and connecting them to the cities and urban communities so that the web of collaboration can create thriving human life on our planet. 


Our Mission

As Towards Nature, our Global Goal is to create Worldwide Ecological, Economic and Social Sustainability. As Towards Nature, we have local and practical solutions for creating Global Sustainability.

We work towards achieving three main goals:

1. Current Environment Transformation (in the cities or suburban areas)

  • Private Garden Transformation

  • School Garden Transformation

  • Community Garden Designs and Implementation​

2. Creating Future Living places and environments​

  • Sustainable Village Designs & Implementations​

  • Food Forest Creations in Public or Private Areas

3. Global Landscapes Transformation

  • Regenerative Landscaping Designs and Vision

  • Arid Lands Transformation with Permaculture

  • Creating Sustainable Communities with Regenerative Landscaping & Rainwater Harvesting

Towards Nature logo transparent.png

We are proud of Our Logo because it fully represents our passion and what we want to achieve with Our Work. The round circle is about our mother Earth and also a seed. The person in it is representing a new human, a new culture, a Permanent Culture.

This new culture is growing as a seed in the world and together with the World – into a harmonious, aligned and intelligent future. With mother Earth, Towards Nature.