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Farmland to D.I.S.C.

People’s Lifestyle by choice:

Land Based, Productive, Sustainable & Healthy Lifestyle as a Community
- Designed: House, Landscape & Community concept is designed upfront
- Intentional: For people, who want to live land based, productive lifestyle as a community
- Sustainable: To sustain the community & trade surplus, mix annual – perrenial - forest farming
- Community: United with lifestyle choice, common interests, freedom of being


1. - The Origin -

Permaculture concept 

Housing model is coming from the nature itself. Using the form of sea shell's house and transforming it to human lifestyle with functional and sustainable inputs. Based on Permaculture concept.

2. - The House -

Sustainable & Functional Housing

Sustainability is designed on the house itself as individual unit. Outlined with inspiration from sea shell's house and enhanced with functional elements, such as energy creation, self regulated heating cooling, rainwater harvesting and waste recycling.

Building Design.1.PNG
Sustainable Villages.jpg

3. - Landscape -

Based on Permaculture concept

Housing and Landscape is sustainable by a combined design. Instead of separating human lifestyle from the nature and productivity, by design, it is encouraged to live productively, within the surroundings of nature and self regulating, perrenial ecological systems.

4. - Community by Design -

D.I.S.C. Designed, Intentional Sustainable Community

Instead of separation and competition between people, we bring the choice of creating your own community. Realising a lifestyle with your choice of people, in a sustainable way? Instead of competing with others to catch a spot to live, We give you the possibility to select the people you would like to share the life together. Farming or being a farmer doesn't mean you have to clean cow shit. It means you need to tend your garden part time and make money out of it.

DISC base.1.jpg

5. - Replicate by Design -

Creating the future Communities

Lifestyle by choice:

- From Centralized to Localized

- From Unproductive to Productive

Replicating sustainable communities(D.I.S.C.) in a designed form can bring the new way of creating urban, land based, productive and Sustainable Villages. Local economy can be established, local solutions to our social and environmental problems can be created. And this way of living is called PERMACULTURE...

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