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Tractor Farming to Designed Farming Communities

Tractor Farming is a Worldwide farming application with large scale earth ploughing and crop production technique. Ploughing technique is actually centuries old and historically it goes back to the beginning of first human civilization. It has been practised in history in a small scale and by the families and small farms.


After the 2nd WW, with Industrial Revolution, this technique of growing crops are practised in larger and larger scale with bigger and bigger impact to the environment. Population growth and Consumer Economy were the main triggers for Growth based farming. Many farmers became consumer to Genetically modified seeds, combined with chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, etc. Farmers were encouraged to expand & invest in growth based farming practices. Credits were given, more machines and tractors were bought, more investments were made in that direction.

Today, most farmers are under pressure of paying their credit installments, high costs vs cheaper food demands, governmental environmental legislation changes. They are trapped in between the environmental movement and old & new legislations. The governments are trying to implement top down environmental legislations without providing a solution or an alternative way of farming to the farmers. The farmers are looking for ways to survive & continue the growth based farming, asking more credits and legislation changes. This is no more sustainable. There is a new direction needed for farmers. Instead of trying to go back to old days, farmers can choose another path. 


We need to think globally, taking into account the environmental challenges and also our social and economical problems. On this page, a transition from Tractor Farming to Sustainable & Environmental development, based on Permaculture concept, is being suggested.

This page is Towards Nature Permaculture's vision for our future farming!


Towards Nature Permaculture is offering the farmers a life long income, resolving all their depts, transforming their land to sustainable, environmental, social direction.





Farmers to rent their land to these pioneering communities. Local governments to allow this specific changes on agricultural land.


Instead of Tractor Farming, let's create Sustainable Farming Communities.


This is a Permaculture design for creating sustainability Worldwide, by Towards Nature Permaculture.

1. - The Origin -

Permaculture concept 

* Permaculture concept is about sustainin human beings within their living environments.

* Permaculture design methodology is the inspiration behind the sustainable farming community design

* There are 6 or 8 or 10 or 12 Households to create a Community. Therefore, legislation changes needed with sustainable Housing.

* The Community is surrounded by shared Food Forests, therefore the new direction of the land is partially agroforestry.

Permaculture Zones.JPG

2. - The House -

Sustainable & Functional Housing

Sustainability is designed on the house itself as individual unit. Outlined with inspiration from sea shell's house and enhanced with functional elements, such as energy creation, self regulated heating cooling, rainwater harvesting and waste recycling.

Building Design.1.PNG
Building Design.B.3.PNG
Sustainable Villages.jpg

3. - Landscape -

Based on Permaculture concept

Housing and Landscape is sustainable by a combined design. Instead of separating human lifestyle from the nature and productivity, by design, it is encouraged to live productively, within the surroundings of nature and self regulating, perrenial ecological systems.

4. - Community by Design -

D.I.S.C. Designed, Intentional Sustainable Community

Instead of separation and competition between people, we bring the choice of creating your own community. Realising a lifestyle with your choice of people, in a sustainable way? Instead of competing with others to catch a spot to live, We give you the possibility to select the people you would like to share the life together. Farming or being a farmer doesn't mean you have to clean cow shit. It means you need to tend your garden part time and make money out of it.

DISC base.1.jpg

5. - Replicate by Design -

Creating the future Communities

Lifestyle by choice:

- From Centralized to Localized

- From Unproductive to Productive

Replicating sustainable communities(D.I.S.C.) in a designed form can bring the new way of creating urban, land based, productive and Sustainable Villages. Local economy can be established, local solutions to our social and environmental problems can be created. And this way of living is called PERMACULTURE...

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