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Community Garden Designs and Creations

City transformation to Sustainable Future: Community Gardens

Sustainable Future includes the Community Building activities in the cities. We have to create, encourage and promote people who are willing to take responsibility of transforming public areas into productive, diverse and edible landscapes. City transformation towards Sustainable Future is possible with creating inner city communities and making sure that some of the public places are available to them.


Our Offer​​​

  • Guide You from the beginning point to the end to create a successful Community Garden

  • Being the bridge between Your Community and Governments

  • Free Deisgn and Guidance until receiving subsidy from Governments or other sources

  • As a project initiator, possibility to earn money while building your project with us

  • Permaculture guidance and Organic Gardening Teachings for Your Community

  • Guidance on maintenance of Your Community Garden

Some of our projects


Community Projects
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