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Green Rooftop Terras
Vathorst College, Amersfoort

As Towards Nature, we use Permaculture understanding and techniques creating school gardens. From the design stage, we plan to use rainwater in an automated and self regulating way so irrigation systems or watering the planted areas are not needed. We replace the paved areas with playful and educative elements in a productive way so children play and learn at the same time within natural environments. This way summer draughts do not create extra irrigation by personal or pomping systems.


Floods happen when rainwater is widely collected by paved areas and the sewage systems are overloaded. To avoid that, instead of directing all rainwater to the sewage systems immediately, we collaborate with Nature and make use of Permaculture techniques. Hugelbeds, Hugelboxes and Hugelponds with rainwater connections, strategic plantation in playful ways prevents floods and creates naturally balanced, diverse and productive environments in and around schools.

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